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    About me

    My name is Jolanta Mierzwa – I am a Gestalt therapist. I attained my psychotherapeutic qualifications in the Gestalt Therapy Institute (ITG) in Krakow, Poland where I successfully completed a 4-year training programme. I also hold postgraduate studies diplomas in Social Pedagogy and Pedagogic Therapy.

    I am member of the Polish Society for Gestalt Psychotherapy and Polish Federation for Psychotherapy. High quality and content standards of training courses for psychotherapists in Europe are watched over by many international institutions including the European Association of Psychotherapy which I am member of. As a Gestalt psychotherapist I follow the Code of Professional Ethics of the Polish Society for Gestalt Psychotherapy, an organization which associates Polish Gestalt psychotherapists.

    I am holder of ITG, PTPG and EAP certificates which can be viewed in the Gallery.

    Who do I help?

    I know that every person, irrespective of the situation she or he is or would like to be in, who she or he is or is not, can decide on a broadly understood development. Psychotherapy is a path followed jointly by the Therapist and the Client, leading to freedom of heart and freedom of emotions. A path to your very self.

    Contact me if you:

    • Need educational advice;
    • Are not satisfied with the relationship with your partner;
    • Have the feeling that your relations with other people are not good; feel lonely, isolated, too shy;
    • Have difficulties achieving your goals, have noticed deterioration in the quality of your life recently;
    • Would like to be more creative;
    • Are undergoing a life crisis, are not able to cope with stress, responsibility or excessive burdens;
    • Often feel anxiety, tension, sometimes experience panic attacks;
    • Are feeling sad all the time and this makes you suffer;
    • Have difficulties coping with the death of a person who was important to you
    • Have speech and hearing problems, sleep disturbances, sexual disorders;
    • Suffer from recurrent pains, body trembling, muscle contractions, and medical examination does not reveal any cause of these symptoms;
    • Have lost the joy of life and interest in the surrounding world or are seriously ill and need support and psychotherapeutic assistance;
    • Have some other problem and do not want to face it alone.

    I offer psychotherapy sessions in Polish, Italian and English.