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    elow you can find the Rules of using psychotherapeutic services offered by my office. Please read them carefully and think if you are able to implement them in our cooperation or if you have any questions.

    General Rules

    1. I work Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.
    2. To make the online session booking process easier, please use the online booking system
    3. Using psychotherapeutic services offered by me means that you know and agree to follow the rules of providing such services.

    Ethics and Quality of Services

    1. Taking care of ethics in psychotherapy, I follow the Code of Professional Ethics of the Polish Society for Gestalt Psychotherapy (more in the Code of Professional Ethics section).
    2. Every session is confidential. Under no circumstances can the Therapist or the Client reveal the content of a session to any third party without obtaining a written consent from the other party. A session cannot be recorded in any manner without obtaining a written consent from both parties.
    3. No third party can be present in the room where psychotherapy is taking place (both in the Psychotherapist’s office and the Client’s room). It is possible for other people to be included in psychotherapy or consultation e.g. a partner, but only upon my consent.
    4. I reserve the right to supervise our sessions making their content available to my supervisor in a manner which prevents identification of a Client.

    Supervision is support rendered to a psychotherapist working with a client by other experienced specialist. The possibility of discussing own work with a client during supervision gives better chances of a successful therapy. It also helps the psychotherapist notice what neither he/she nor the client notice and what can be important – that is the role of this third, wise, expert pair of eyes and ears. Client personal details are not made available to supervisors. Supervisors are bound to professional secrecy alike other medical professionals, including psychotherapists.

    How to book and pay for traditional psychotherapy?

    • Call me and inform me that you want to take part in traditional psychotherapy.
    • At the beginning of our conversation inform me that you are interested in traditional psychotherapy.
    • Payments for traditional psychotherapy are made after each session, in the office.

    How to book and pay for online psychotherapy?

    You can book your online psychotherapy session using one of the methods described below:

    1. Online reservation:

    • Choose a suitable date using the calendar available on my website.
    • The calendar will guide you through the selection of the form of contact and making the advance payment using Pay U (card payment or money transfer).

    2. Telephone reservation:

    • Call me and inform me that you want to take part in online psychotherapy.
    • At the beginning of our conversation inform me that you are interested in online psychotherapy.
    • Inform me about your selected form of contact.
    • We will agree on the date of your session as we talk.
    • Make the advance payment for your session. You can use Pay Pal or make a money transfer in EUR or PLN. My bank accounts details can be found in the “Contact” section.
    • Please provide the date and time of the session and your telephone number, Skype, VSee or WhatsApp user name (depending on the selected form of our online session) in the Payment Title.
    • In case of money transfer, please send me an e-mail with payment confirmation or a print screen.
    • Your booking will only be confirmed when you make the payment. All bookings not paid for within an hour shall be cancelled.
    • Contact me at the agreed time. A session begins at the top of the hour and lasts 50 minutes

    Booking an appointment on the same day

    You can book an appointment on the same day by calling me. Please act with deliberation since such appointment cannot be cancelled or rescheduled.

    Being late to a session

    Contact me when at the agreed time. If for any reason you are not able to do it at the agreed time, and your delay should not exceed 15 minutes, please let me know and I will wait for you. Otherwise I shall assume that you resigned from the meeting and most probably will switch Skype off. I do not reimburse the down payment in such situations. Please also note that a delayed meeting cannot be extended. Our session ends as initially scheduled.

    Rescheduling and cancelling sessions

    A session can be cancelled or rescheduled to another date as long as you contact me (telephone number in the “Contact” section) not later than by 8:00 pm on the day preceding your scheduled appointment. In such cases your down payment can be reimbursed (reduced by 5%) or shall go towards the new session. Any session which has not been cancelled or was cancelled later than as provided above are liable to full payment.


    Any complaints shell be submitted by email or telephone (contact details in the Contact section). Complaints shall be investigated within 14 days.

    Client’s life threatening situations

    1. Online help is not meant for people who have planned a suicidal attempt or any other form of harming themselves. These people need direct contact with therapist and therefore should arrange for an appointment held in my office. In cases of very bad physical condition, when you cannot wait until the appointment, you should immediately contact emergency services or any close person.
    2. In case of situations which pose threat to the life of a client or a third party, I may waive the confidentiality principle in order to protect the life and health of individuals in danger.
    3. On account of the aforementioned reasons I reserve the right to refuse providing online services should I recognize that a person willing to use online help needs direct help. In such cases I offer advice where to seek necessary help and assistance.

    Online support

    1. Online help is most of all meant for individuals who have constricted access to psychological help in the place where they live (e.g. they are disabled or live abroad and would like to have psychotherapy sessions held in Polish). Sometimes online psychological help is also useful for people who would spend too much time travelling to specialist’s office or who need greater flexibility when planning sessions (e.g. only have time late in the evening or in the morning).
    2. In case of online help there are some limitations which can make achieving goals more difficult, depending on the psychical and physiological or emotional condition of Client. Sometimes prompt physical or medical intervention is necessary. Therefore in the case of individuals suffering from serious problems or disturbances, online help can only be a temporary solution or a solution complementary to traditional psychotherapy.